2023-24 Surf Select Dates:

  • August 5-6 tryouts in Spokane, WA
  • Surf College Cup – November 23-26 (San Diego, CA)
  • Las Vegas Cup – January 12-15 (Las Vegas, NV)
  • National ID Camp – February 17-18 (San Diego, CA)

: August 5-6th 2023
Location: Plantes Ferry Sports Park – Spokane, WA
Cost: $75 (includes Nike jersey)

The Surf Select program brings together the most talented players and coaches from all of Surf Nation (50 clubs) to compete together under the Surf banner at the highest levels. Through a series of regional and national events, players within Surf Nation, will be selected to represent Surf Select in national and international competitions. Surf Select is the pinnacle of the Surf experience.

Surf Nation is split up into geographic regions to create regional teams. We are part of the Northwest Region, which includes the following clubs:

Washington East Surf
Missoula Surf
Montana Surf
Glacier Surf
British Columbia Surf
Western Washington Surf

Players from all over the northwest will now have a chance to train and compete on a regional team at high level events in front of college coaches. The top players from each regional team are then invited to San Diego, CA for the Surf Select National ID Camp. At National ID camp, players are competing for opportunities to join the BLUE team or the WHITE to travel to high level events internationally or domestically.

The training received at Surf Soccer Club, as well as a commitment to the development of the player leads to success at the highest level. Exposure to hundreds of college coaches at Surf Cup and College Cup gives Surf Soccer Club players the best chance to find a scholarship pathway to college.


Step 1 – Player is evaluated throughout the duration of the previous season with regard to technical ability, attitude, focus, and work ethic. Club Team Coach and staff recommend players to participate.

Step 2 – Player attends Surf Select Regional ID event August in Spokane, WA (there are seven regional ID events taking place across country).

Step 3 – Player gets identified, evaluated, and selected for NW Surf Select Regional Team.

Step 4 – NW Regional Team participates in training sessions and attends a premier tournament over the winter season.

Step 5 – Player gets selected from Regional Team to attend Surf Select National Camp in February at Surf HQ in San Diego, CA.

Step 6 – Player gets selected to be a player on a Surf Select National Team to compete domestically or internationally at elite level event.

Additional Benefits:

  • Professional coaching
  • Access to elite tournaments
  • Meet players from all over the country
  • Players are recognized/identified by college coaches at regional + national events.

Surf Soccer Club has produced 11 National Championships, 29 Regional Champions, over 74 State Champions, hundreds of college scholarship athletes, over 157+ National team players and multiple MLS and professional players. 

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