Player Development Program

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Player Development Program

Missoula Surf provides a fun learning environment for players to learn and grow.

All players development at a different rate and at different ages. We strongly believe in giving players every opportunity to development into the best soccer player they can be.

We focus on consistent player development at all levels of play, providing a pathway for all players to achieve a meaningful soccer experience.

We lay the groundwork early and for ALL players and parents to learn the “Surf Way”.

We teach the fundamental skills of soccer AND advanced team play FROM THE START.

Players need individual skills to hold the ball and pass/shoot, but must also learn the accompanying positioning, strategy, and formation to be successful on the field.

We prefer to keep players within their age group, but there are exceptions from time to time. This ensures that players are at the most similar developmental stage, both physically and emotionally.

For all younger ages (U9-U12), our goal is to have the largest pool of skilled players to enable us to create the strongest team possible when they play 11v11.

Roster sizes that ensure all players have the opportunity to learn and grow on the field during games.

    • 7v7 teams have 10-11 players
    • 9v9 teams have 13-14 players
    • 11v11 teams have 15-16 players

What is Player Development:

  • Physical – speed, agility, quickness, stamina, strength
  • Mental – strategy, positioning, formation
  • Growth – age, maturity
  • Soccer Skills – dribbling, passing, shooting, trapping, juggling, etc
  • Team Values – hard work, arrive on time, show respect, focus, earn playing time, support teammates, sportsmanship, etc

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