Missoula Surf Head Coaches

Travis Goodkind

Club Director & Head Coach

Sara Tarka Baer

Head Coach

Caroline Lurgio

Head Coach

Gabe Ansah

Head Coach

J Landham

Director of GK

John Giuliani

Head Coach

Vinny Giammona

Head Coach

Kennedy Wells

Head Coach

Ashley Herndon

Head Coach

Missoula Surf Coach Bios

Missoula Surf Staff Coaches

  • Orlando Piva
  • Alex Baer
  • Chris Whitmore
  • Rob Berg
  • Sawyer Meegan

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Surf Coaching Philosophy:

Missoula Surf is a pass first club. We believe in organized and structured training sessions with a defined goal in mind. We focus on advanced team play and positioning, in addition to individual skills. Even if we don’t have the most skilled players on the field (which we very often do), we always exhibit the best team play on the field. Our teams are always prepared for success and enjoy the results of their hard work.