Surf Coaching Benefits

Help young athletes become more than they imagined.

coaching benefits

Missoula Surf is western Montana’s newest youth soccer club. We are looking for coaches to join us to help young athletes become more than they imagined. Join one of the top youth soccer clubs in the country with local leadership and focus. Coaching is a rewarding and fun endeavor. Find out how you can utilize your skills to help guide the next generation of Missoula soccer players.

What you can expect:
  • First class leadership with a long term plan to play with and compete with the top clubs in the region.
  • All coaches will have a Grassroots license and aspire to a D license.
  • Provide a path for certification and more advanced licenses
  • Attend regular, internal coaching clinics.
  • Surf Nation webinars with world renown coaches (Stuttgart FC, Nottingham Forest, etc)
  • Coaching Manual subscription and access to Surf curriculum.
  • Coaches have the ability to move up within the club or within Surf Nation.
  • Competitive pay structure + travel expenses that matches or exceeds other clubs in Montana.
  • Ability to create team schedule for games and tournaments.
  • Full administrative help, with staff dedicated to the administrative pain points coaches have.
  • A detailed team structure that avoids team and player confusion with opportunities for all players and coaches to move within the club.
  • Coaches will have the ability to remain with the same team.
  • Parent coaches are encouraged and welcome.
  • Team Snap scheduling app
  • Surf Coaches apparel and team training equipment
Ready to make waves? Contact us:

Phone:  406.541.SURF