League Play

Missoula Surf teams will have the option to play in a league for regular games in addition to tournaments.

Below are the two leagues that we anticipate to be available to our teams.

Yellowstone Premier League (YPL)

  • Open to premier teams ages 2011 and older
  • High level competition
  • Farther travel (Bozeman, Idaho, Utah)
  • More games, but less game days
  • Mini tournament format spread out over 3 weekends
    throughout the year

    • 3-4 games each weekend
  • Entrance into national tournament and/or league

In State League Play

  • Open to Select teams ages 2011 and older
  • All games in state (Kalispell, Great Falls, Helena, Bozeman, etc)
  • 5-6 Saturdays per season, with two games each Saturday
  • Participate in season ending tournament