Surf Juniors - Boys & Girls Birth Years 2016 and 2017

What is Surf Juniors?
Surf Juniors is our introductory program based on what’s best for the players. The player’s individual skill development and enjoyment is at the heart of the program.

The Surf Juniors program is the foundation of our club. The program is designed to create an environment that allows players to have fun while learning the fundamentals of soccer. Our focus is on individual technical development and team play in a fun and safe environment. All players will learn how to play the game and not just the individual skills.

Why Join Surf Juniors?
Missoula Surf aims to be the leader in youth soccer in western Montana and we start with the best training at the youngest ages.

We aim to place players at the right level knowing players develop at different rates, but all have the potential for greatness. Our coaches focus on developing players for long term success.

All players get professional training in addition to small sided game play and all sessions are planned using our club curriculum.

Surf Juniors will meet once a week for 90 minutes. Players will practice skill building in larger groups and then split up into age/ability appropriate teams for small sided games.

Program Details:

  • 6 week season, Sept 9 – Oct 14
  • Mondays 5:00-6:30pm
  • Location Pineview Park (behind Rattlesnake Elementary)
  • $50 per season
  • Boys and girls with birth years 2016 and 2017 (no exceptions)
  • Training sessions are half skill building, half game play
  • Surf jersey included
  • All players will need to bring shin pads, water bottle and size 3 soccer ball
  • Limited to 30 players. All others will be waitlisted.

Registration opens in August.


This program is designed to:

  • Be fun while learning
  • Gain a love for the game
  • Teach the fundamentals of soccer and team play
  • Develop abilities on the ball
  • Find themselves as a player
  • Provide weekly training + games

This program is a very organized environment where the individual technical development and advanced team play are the main focus. It will give your player confidence and set them up for an exciting future in soccer!

The focus of Surf Juniors  is to teach the love of the game. All players will learn the building blocks of the game (technical, tactical, psychological and physical) through play. Practices are to aid the development of basic motor skills and cognitive skills through basic game play. The primary focus is to create a relationship between the player and the ball through developing technical skill through play.

Surf Junior players will be introduced and taught with the same core belief and proper technique. For all Surf Juniors, technique is the most important principle for player development.

We teach Surf players at any age that personality and character are important both on and off the field. Players need strength of character and leadership qualities. Missoula Surf looks to instill each player with honesty, respect, hard work, leadership and teamwork.